Ep 65: Prison Breaks, Stem Cells, Shotgunning Beers, Field of Dreams & Gardening

For Episode 65, we got back to a Generalist concept. We discuss various topics to include an attempted prison break, a stem cell success story, Baker Mayfield shotgunning a beer, how amazing the Field of Dreams is and some personal details. This was a great episode and we hope you enjoy! Respect to RING doorbell and security system for keeping our families safe!

Music Deep Dive

This is a fun one. We discuss music from all angles. We give our favorite bands, favorite albums and favorite concert experiences. We touch on how much music has changed in our lifetime and how lucky we are to get to see some of the things we have seen. We also discuss the time we tried to impress some neighbors in college with terrible house music. We had a blast recording this and hope you enjoy!